Witch Hazel Distilled


A floral Witch hazel distilled water from shrubs grown in Devon which can be used as a skin toner. Also useful for a variety of minor skin ailments such as insect bites.


Our Witch Hazel distilled water is derived from shrubs grown by us at Holt Wood in Devon, UK. These shrubs are true Virginian Witch Hazel trees, native to North America. Historically, Witch Hazel was ‘discovered’ by travellers to North America where native American First Peoples already knew of the many uses for Witch Hazel remedies. Here in the UK, we take the young leaves and twigs in spring, giving the shrubs a haircut using secateurs. Following distillation in small batches, organic alcohol (about 15%) is added to preserve the distilled water. This Witch Hazel distilled water has a delightful floral scent and can be used direct as a skin toner. It is also an excellent remedy for common complaints as it helps to reduce inflammation and swelling. This product makes a useful travel companion, providing relief for inflamed and irritated skin arising from insect bites and other minor skin problems.


Hamamelis virginiana leaf water, Alcohol denat.


For external use only. Dab on to affected areas, avoiding broken skin. Flammable, store away from heat. Keep out of reach of children.


Use sparingly on tissue or cotton wool as a skin toner. For insect bites and inflammations apply freely to the skin. For swollen joints or sprains, soak a cloth and wrap around the affected area, reapplying as needed. Supplied in a blue glass bottle with a black plastic cap. Recommended shelf life is 24 months.


50 ml