Medicinal Forest Garden Handbook


Fully referenced book provides practical information on growing and harvesting healing trees and shrubs in a temperate climate to develop a medicinal forest garden.


The Medicinal Forest Garden Handbook: Growing, Harvesting and Using Healing Trees and Shrubs in a Temperate Climate

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by Anne Stobart

From gardeners to growers, farmers to foresters, we are missing out on a medicinal plant bonanza. Trees and shrubs with medicinal uses could be much more widely grown alongside other herbs, but are often excluded because of a lack of detailed knowledge about their cultivation and use. This book provides extensive practical information on growing and harvesting medicinal trees and shrubs in a temperate climate, whether for self-sufficiency or profit. Medical herbalist and grower, Anne Stobart provides advice on the design of new planting projects with medicinal trees and shrubs or how to incorporate them into an existing small garden or woodlands. She describes:

– Key medicinal constituents of woody plants and their medicinal effects

– Our historical knowledge of using medicinal trees and shrubs

– Combinations of woody and other layers of medicinal plants suitable for forest gardens and permaculture projects

– Management including coppicing and pollarding of medicinal trees and shrubs

– How to harvest and store bark, flowers, fruit and leaves from trees and shrubs

– Sample recipes for making a range of herbal health care products

This handbook includes 40 detailed profiles of medicinal trees and shrubs, providing referenced information about their medicinal potential and uses alongside cultivation and harvest details.  Further appendices and case studies provide practical examples and more resources. Scaling up cultivation and harvest of medicinal trees and shrubs for commercial purpose is also discussed in this book, with an overview of relevant accreditation bodies and regulations.


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Anne is an experienced medical herbalist, herb grower, and co-founder of the Holt Wood project transforming a conifer plantation using permaculture design ideas into a medicinal forest garden. She has researched in the history of herbal medicine and published articles and books about seventeenth-century household medicine and recipes. Anne is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, UK.

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