Hurrah, in 2021, our new website for the Medicinal Forest Garden Trust is now up and running. On the website there are web pages dedicated to medicinal trees (and of course shrubs) and growers, providing information about cultivating and harvesting healing plants.

Online design course

The new Medicinal Forest Garden Trust website provides a link to the online Medicinal Forest Garden Design course. You can register for the full 10-session course for £45. The course includes short video talks, downloads of tree profiles and other handouts, quizzes and optional actitivites. We filmed much of the material at Holt Wood in summer 2020, and you can see more information and a free preview at the Thinkific course website.

Goodbye to Holt Wood Herbs

As many viewers will know, Anne and Kay have decided to finally ‘retire’ from Holt Wood Herbs, and Holt Wood was sold in autumn 2020. Although this has been a huge wrench after 16 years of happy woodland establishment and management, we wanted to be able to do a lot of other things. The cancellation of courses at Holt Wood due to the coronavirus epidemic was a contributory factor in deciding to move to online course provision. From the New Year in 2021, the old website for Holt Wood Herbs will be decommissioned, and products such as The Medicinal Forest Garden Handbook (signed copies!) will be available at the new website Shop. One aim is to continue developing the theme of medicinal tree and shrub cultivation and harvest more widely, by getting involved with more varied growing projects, more research possibilities and offering consultancy for others keen to develop medicinal forest gardening.

A huge thankyou to everyone!

Over the years we have had so much encouragement and help from a very wide range of people, and a lot of voluntary contributions of assistance from planting to maintaining Holt Wood. We continued to be amazed at how fruitful the wood became in terms of health, wildlife, outdoor fun, plant products and surprises. We feel grateful that we had the opportunity to make such a great place for ourselves and others to visit. We would like to thank everyone who helped, and we hope that many more people will be able to develop such spaces as a consequence of the example of Holt Wood.

One blog ends and another starts

The Holt Wood Herbs blog will no longer be added to. Instead, the new blog will continue at the Medicinal Forest Garden Trust website. With more time available, we hope this will be an enhanced blog with more regular posts on a range of topics related to medicinal trees and shrubs: from recipes to research, and about gardens and cultivation projects of interest. You can see the latest blog post about medicinal trees in the Newton St Cyres Arboretum.

Oregon grape (Berberis aquifolium)

Holt Wood Herbs Newsletter

We plan to carry on with an occasional newsletter for the Medicinal Forest Garden Trust, so if you are signed up already through Mailchimp you do not need to do anything. If you would like to be added to the new newsletter mailing list then go here to sign up.