We are proud to have linked up with the Handmade Herbal Collective – a group of herbalists dedicated to developing natural herbal skincare products, establishing small businesses based on considerable experience making practical items ranging from massage candles and balms to shampoos and moisturisers. There is a strong ethical approach amongst the group, for example avoiding animal testing, using the best possible ingredients from plant sources, and avoidance of unnecessary chemicals. The group formed in 2017 and has been busy promoting their products, aiming to encourage trade both online and locally. The Collective has a website which lists the  partners of Wildflower Aromatics, The Herb Garden, Greenwyse, Amy’s Apothecary, Field Remedies and ourselves Holt Wood Herbs. All of our products are also listed on the website with links back to our individual websites. By clubbing together we hope to benefit from networking and combining our resources, such as having had a display at the Love Natural Love Organic 2017 show in London. This event at Olympia was attended by thousands of visitors, and there was considerable interest in the range of products we had on show.

It was a tough call for us to know what to take along to the event in London – or even to decide how much to take! In the end we decided to take our Witch Hazel Moisturiser and Juniper Insect Repellent Balm as good examples of products with key ingredients from our medicinal forest garden. We also took along our small gift packs suitable for travelling and loads of Holt Wood Herbs postcards, and we displayed a real Witch Hazel potted shrub from the forest garden. As a group it was quite a steep learning exercise in how to organise and present ourselves at a commercial show. The best bits for us were getting to know other partners and talking to visitors.

Also available at the Olympia event was the big Spa Gift Box assembled by the Handmade Herbal Collective with Juniper and Rosemary body wash, Mandarin balm, Chocolate face scrub, Rose bath salts and face cream, hand cream and massage candle. It is still available on introductory offer.