Hooray! As co-editor of this book on herbal history research I am so pleased it has finally been published. It is not specifically to do with Holt Wood but this is one reason why I have had so little time in the last year! This book is an academic text aimed at encouraging more herbal history research – the original chapter contributors came together in 2010 at a seminar on herbal history. The full reference is:
Susan Francia and Anne Stobart, eds. Critical Approaches to the History of Western Herbal Medicine: From Classical Antiquity to the Early Modern Period. London: Bloomsbury, 2014.

Hot off the press!

There are chapters from historians, medical herbalists and others on a wide range of historical aspects of herbal medicine including classical thought, midwifery, Culpeper, Parkinson, Turner. materia medica, archaeology, ethnobotany, and more. Further details at:

The Herbal History Research Network continues to organise seminars in London and the South-west of England – the next one is all about herbal illustration and identification – details at:

Overlooking River Torridge, February 2014

I shall continue researching and writing but hope that there will be a bit more time for Holt Wood! The spring weather gives us hope that conditions will be right for some work clearing brambles soon.