Our snowy gate in Devon, UK, festooned with a sign from United Plant Savers in Ohio – it warns people not to mess with our medicinal wood! We are looking forward to learning more about harvesting medicinal barks this year. Join us if you can, see our Programme Newsletter for events in 2011 at www.holtwoodherbs.co.uk

Have received a brilliant Christmas present of Martin Crawford’s new book Creating a Forest Garden: Working with Nature to Grow Edible Crops, published by Green Books. Full of really helpful lists of useful plants, for hedging, for ground cover, for insects, and for year round food production and more plus detailed guidelines on designing a forest garden. Martin has tons of experience with growing a wide variety of these plants in South West England, though many are drawn from other countries. The book includes a very informative section on mushroom growing and detailed descriptions of all of the useful plants including means of propagation. Well-illustrated and clearly written – invaluable.