Holt Wood Herbs

Our products

Products from Holt Wood Herbs include body care products, bark powder capsules and courses. Your purchase of any of our products helps to make a contribution to the work of the Medicinal Forest Garden Trust. Click to see all products available.

Body care products We have developed body and skin care items which make great gifts. Most include ingredients grown and harvested at Holt Wood, from Willow Bark to  Witch Hazel. Click to see all body care products.
Woodland products We supply capsules filled with powdered bark from trees at Holt Wood including Cramp Bark and Willow Bark. Click to see woodland products available. Please note that we supply capsules only to herbal practitioners.
Courses We offer courses for people interested in medicinal trees and shrubs, including a one day introduction and a more advanced day on harvesting and making preparations. Click to see courses available.

Delivery Costs Held

All bodycare orders £4.50 per order from Holt Wood Herbs (excluding non-bodycare orders).