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You can find out more about medicinal forest gardening, learn about growing medicinal trees and shrubs, and how to make herbal remedies and other preparations for healthy living. Sign up for the occasional newsletter of the Medicinal Forest Garden Trust.

Online medicinal forest garden design course

Medicinal Forest Garden Design Course

A new online course all about planning and establishing a medicinal forest garden, including medicinal trees and shrubs. There are 10 lessons about choosing the right healing plants for your needs and sustainable use. The course is tutored by Anne Stobart, and profits will help support the Medicinal Forest Garden Trust. 

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The Medicinal Forest Garden Trust aims to promote sustainable harvesting of medicinal trees and shrubs. You can see some information sheets about medicinal trees.

Featured Product

The Medicinal Forest Garden Handbook published by Permanent Publications is available now. New for 2020, in-depth guidance on growing and harvesting healing trees and shrubs. Beautifully illustrated and fully referenced. Order on this site and you can receive a copy signed by the author!

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New website

We have started to move to a new website for the Medicinal Forest Garden Trust. If you would like to receive ongoing news about the Trust then make sure you are signed up for our newsletter


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Buzzing around medicinal trees

There are many different kinds of bees that act as pollinators, including honey bees and bumblebees which are social bees living in colonies. Other kinds are solitary bees such as leaf-cutter bees, mason and mining bees, and there are other pollinators including...

Find out about healing trees and shrubs


A number of courses at Holt Wood were cancelled this year due to the spread of coronavirus. We have developed a short online course on designing the medicinal forest garden, based on our experience at Holt Wood. The course is designed for growers of all kinds who want to include medicinal trees and shrubs. You can sign up to see a free preview of the course.