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Medicinal Forest Garden Trust

The Medicinal Forest Garden Trust aims to promote sustainable harvesting of medicinal trees and shrubs.

Witch Hazel Distilled Water

Herbal cosmetics and body care products from Holt Wood. Virginian Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) grown at Holt Wood in Devon is available now as a distilled water.

Permaculture at Holt Wood

Holt Wood is part of the permaculture LAND network. Find out more about forest gardening and designing for sustainabiliry.

Medicinal Forest Garden Courses

Find out more about our medicinal forest garden, and learn how to make herbal cosmetics and other preparations for health.

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About Our Products

Every purchase from Holt Wood Herbs helps to fund the Medicinal Forest Garden Trust. We make a range of herbal bodycare preparations, click here for a list of products from Holt Wood Herbs.

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Meet the ‘Stobi’, our custom bark stripping tool

Why a 'Stobi' for stripping medicinal bark? We have never found just the right tool for stripping medicinal bark from slender branches. Young tree branches are full of medicinal secondary metabolites, designed to protect the young and fresh growth. These are the kind...

Holt Wood Herbs News, April 2018

Welcome to Holt Wood Herbs News, our occasional newsletter round-up on Holt Wood and the Medicinal Forest Garden Trust. We hope to see you soon at Holt Wood, best wishes, Anne and Kay. PS If you want to receive this newsletter as an email post then you can sign up at...

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